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What's Included In The Advanced Training Course??

  • How to Get Approved Into Networks
  • ​Picking the Most Profitable Offers to Run
  • ​​Paid & Manual Competitor Spying Techniques
  • ​Advanced Landing Page Setup w/ ClickFunnels
  • ​Ninja Tricks For Pro Landing Page Creation
  • ​Split Testing Landing Pages & Tracking Properly
  • ​Building Efficient Email Submit Landing Pages
  • ​Access to my Patented 7-Day Follow Up Series
  • ​Deep Dive Into ClickMagick Tracking 
  • ​Advanced Bing Ads Campaign Creation
  • ​​Split Testing Using the Bing Ads Power Editor
  • ​Using the Bing & Google Keyword Planner
  • ​Manual Keyword Research Tactics
  • ​NEW "Buying" Related Keyword Strategy
  • ​Breakthrough Ad Copy Creation Methods
  • ​Bing Ads Real Estate w/ Ad Extensions
  • ​How to Analyze Your Tracking Statistics
  • ​Optimizing Your Campaigns for Success
  • ​How to Properly Direct Link to Offers
  • ** 5 Day DL Campaign Reveal ($640 in 5 Days)
  • ​** A-Z Email Submit Campaign With Live Sale
  • ​** ClickBank DFY Campaign ($659.23 in 1 Week)

PLUS, Here's What's Included In The New Updated Section:

  • ​How to UPLOAD Conversions into Microsoft*
  • ​​New Tracking Method For Easy Data Reading
  • ​How to Track Order Form Impressions*
  • ​Free Template For My High CTR Landing Page
  • ​My New Campaign Creation Strategy
  • ​Creating High CTR Sitelinks & Callout Extensions
  • ​How to Split Test Landing Pages Efficiently
  • ​** NEW ClickBank Case Study - $711.55 in 1 Day!

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